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Please use the new thread kindly set up by Ramako for ANY discussion on amenities, prices, etc. - and no, doing this is non-negotiable and any further off-topic postings will be deleted. And FYI - please check the real estate subsection for existing project threads - if there aren't any, you are all welcome to create one for the project you wanted to discuss. P&C threads are here for very specific reasons.

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Shoring work underway at Fuzion, last week



The work is not for Fusion as I'm pretty sure the building doesn't front King. I assume the shoring rigs are part of the remediation work
from today's Daily Commercial News, posted with the usual warning, some info .....

Fuzion Condominium, 1100 King St W, Joe Shuster Way, Queen St, M6K 1E6

$20,500,000 est
Start: June, 2011 Complete: June, 2012

Note: Excavation and site work are underway. Const Mgr will issue Invited Sub trade tenders late Spring/early Summer, 2011. Construction start is anticipated June, 2011. Further update at that time.

Project: concrete foundation, cast-in-place concrete structural frame, fuel fired heating system, geothermal heating system; energy efficiency systems; proposed construction of a 10 storey condominium building with 253 units. The project will feature retail space at grade level. The project is certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System with a LEED Silver rating.

Scope: 17,450 m²; 10 storeys; 4 storeys below grade; 253 units; 3 acres
Development: New
Category: Apartment bldgs
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The plot of land that you are talking east of Joe Shuster and is zoned residential, as well as commercial. From what I hear there is going to a commercial block going there (most likely a grocery store) and perhaps another phase by urbancorp?

Previously there were some speculation as to the future of the lands on the east side of Joe Shuster Way (east of Fuzion) .... I guess the below overall area rendering from Urbancorp (prepared for EPIC's purposes) now suggest that the lands in question will in fact be 3 more residential condo towers, rather than a commercial retail plaza as Fuzion's sales staff suggested earlier ~

I'm seeing 4 towers on the east side of Joe Shuster Way, not 3...

And that pdf file above seems to indicate that Atlantic Avenue will be continued north of King under the tracks, which would be very interesting...
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