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What your not understanding is I have been talking with go transit for years and they have been listening

If your biggest issue with GO is which model of horn they should use on their equipment, I think your efforts are quite misplaced. And certainly not on the wavelength that others here care about.

- Paul
They pay millions to actual professionals for business decisions, not foamers.
To be fair, at this point in the game this is basically a matter of splitting hairs. Metrolinx is one of the worst run organizations in the city - I'm not sure they are getting their money's worth out of whatever advice it is that they have been receiving. Not sure it makes much of a difference if a consultant suggests diverting GO buses to Port Credit or a foamer does because they want to rack up rare mileage.
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Lol am a foamer but I work for go transit too. That's why I talk to them regularly
Implies to me an employee or contractor.

These words do not sound like either:

GO Transit just contacted me again! they shared my recommendation for future rail design, I feel like GO Transit or Metrolinx knows who I am know since I been contacting them for years about all sorts of stuff.

Nope it's not social media. I have met with them several times talking about future go transit projects etc. I talked to them about the K5LA and how it should come back, and a couple of other things about the fleet which I cannot share with you people.

Yes I did I mailed it to them, and the cab cars look exactly like the blueprints
You do you, but your credibility here may be a little thin.
it's secrets to you people on this forum, not everyone tho. I talked about a dual horn system. I have blueprints for the refurbishment of the cab cars 200-214 I sketched them out years ago.
It’s ok everyone, I have a leaked image of the cab car design. Prepare to blow your minds at this amazing design:

my personal assumption is that since the only non-electrified lines are hourly service to hamilton, bowmanville, peak service only to milton and RH.
They will probably sell off a majority of their locomotives once the new electrified ones are delivered and usable. they probably only need like at most half as many diesels as they do now
Hourly to Kitchener+London, Hamilton/Niagara and Bowmanville will need diesel... then peak to millton and Bloomington.