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Rehab is planned to start in the next year or two when I last checked with the COE.

I have no idea when you last checked with COE.

Let us commence an email/social media campaign to Anne Stevenson, Amarjeet Sohi and the rest of City Council.
What the hell is CoE infrastructure doing?

From the project page: (skyrise won't let me hyperlink right now for some reason, but the url is

"The northbound and southbound Low Level Bridges will undergo rehabilitation. Preliminary design is underway and is anticipated to be completed in summer 2023. The project schedule has been extended to perform a more in-debth [sic] condition assessment of the existing structures."
I still don't see anything on the COE website

At this point, why would they not use lands just SW to stage a new bridge and literally remove and replace in a few low-traffic summer weeks by swinging in a new truss bridge.