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I find the timing of all this quite 'interesting'. Mr Phillips left the country as soon as the legislature rose.

BUT, the legislature, rather suddenly, rose 2 or 3 days early. Was he planning to leave before it rose (thus missing the usual flurry of votes) or did he move his plans forward (or make plans)?
Did Ford and Phillips not chat in the last 2+ weeks and not discuss the weather, plans etc etc. In short, when did Doug find out his Minister of Finance was not in his office?
All rhetorical questions leading to one surmise - the answer is likely that Doug knew the day of his leaving, if not before. It took a long, long time for the American MSM press to call Trumps fibs lying. Any bets that the Ontario media will be so tardy ?


Exactly what I surmised earlier today. What a bunch of lying assholes. From cp24

Ford admits he knew of finance minister’s holiday vacation two weeks ago, regrets not asking him to return
Somebody whispered in Doug's ear that it plays better that he fess up right now. There's nothing like being caught in bald-face lying.

Well of course people are upset, it is not so much that they have (again) broken the rules laid down by their own Con Party it's more about the elaborate ruse that was concocted to mislead us. As far as the temporary halt to the vaccination program claiming staffing problems is also a lie since they had never consulted those who were actually working in the vaccination clinics. But that's conservative logic for you. Having said that, didn't Ford say he didn't know Phillips was out of the country? Funny how he reversed his lie and now admits knowing and approved it since he didn't insist Phillips to return home asap.
The last I heard, Doug claims to not have known until Philips had already left. Which I don’t buy, but whatever. It is indeed the ruse, that Philips and other people think the people of Ontario are easily hoodwinked and that he could do this because he is someone special.