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I have been thinking that once Rob Ford retires from politics and from his family business, he should stay in Austin, Texas for the rest of his life. I heard that his viewpoints are more in line with the Texan consensus.

Texas, maybe. But Austin is like a liberal utopia.
More reporting on the Police surveillance by air - this time from the SUN.

“It was circling around and around,” said the Ward 2, Etobicoke North councillor (Doug Ford) about the mid-August incident. “The plane was coming down so low I thought they were going to land in the pool.”

Angry at the danger of it, Ford said, “I stood there and gave them the finger.”

It didn’t make them go away.

“They were there for five straight days,” said Ford. “It was ridiculous.”

Not knowing if it was prying media or otherwise, Ford said he called two superintendents he knows who confirmed it was police over the backyard famous for hosting many Ford Fest barbecues.

“I asked them what they were doing but they just said it was something else,” said Ford. ”They said it was a bust they were making at the airport.”

He wasn’t buying it.

“You know when a plane is surveilling you,” he said. “I told them to come and check out any of our houses any time and just come in the front door.”
Is this David Price tip coming from your source? If so, this may be the first of the obstruction charges that MM was talking about earlier. Looks like we may have TPS picking off Ford's inner circle one by one.

Is this coming from someone in the know, or just speculation?

I haven't spoken to my source, directly, in the last few days -- I've heard a few things through the grapevine (someone else who is in touch with said source). I'm not confirming any names. I'm not sure how much I can say, so I'll leave it at: I think someone is going to be arrested very shortly.
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I just heard from my inside source. It looks like something big is about to go down in the next few days.

It's going to be interesting for sure, since the real reason for all the TPS activity isn't yet clear. Have to start with the assumption that none of the buyers are going to get charged - that just doesn't happen in a guns & gangs investigation. At worst the VIPs would show up in search warrants or as evidence in a trial (kind of like when an escort ring gets busted). Since the cops are targeting Ford & Co. directly, one must conclude that they are either actively involved in the drug business, or Traveller brought up some parallel illegal activity that hasn't come to light.
Doug Ford said the rented Cessna was more about harassment and intimidation by “some elitist people in Toronto” trying to obtain the reins of power than it ever was an “investigative technique.”

Doug Ford doesn't have a sense of humour. He wasn't joking. He simply can't believe that he isn't "one of them" any longer.
Obvious photoshop.

Anyway, interesting thing about the Austin trip--*Renata's* along for the ride...

Yes, the Star actually has a picture of the elusive Polkaroo - whoops! I meant *Renata*, in one of their latest articles about Ford's visit to Austin.

Also, not sure if this was mentioned yet, but The Star's article about Lisi's arrest was updated with a classy anecdote from Lisi's neighbour, Carol Peck, about our illustrious mayor:

Peck recalled one encounter where she spoke to the mayor on one of his visits to the street.
It was in May; she was walking her dog toward the Lisi residence in the late afternoon. Ford was sitting in his Escalade, brushing his teeth.
“He’s got this big bottle of water and he’s spitting out over the side of the car,†Peck said. “I’m coming up the street and he gets out of the car. . . . And then he said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry but I’ve just had something to eat and I’m going to see the hockey game and I had to brush my teeth.’ And I thought, I can’t believe I’m seeing wht I’m seeing.â€
The problem, as I sit here contemplating MetroMan's last posts, is that Toronto has no shortage of "loudmouth conceited SOB's". In fact, we're swimming in them -- drowning in them. I could spend the next hour, just off the top of my head, rhyming off a list of know-nothing fools in our public life, and I'm sure there would be plenty left over.

Are other cities like this?
Yes, and you don't need to look too far.
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