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[QUOTE="Thinker, post: 1113471, member: 60749
Maybe it's just his "non substance" life and career experience.[/QUOTE]

Look at the "substance" of Mikey's Ford (Stirpe) hybrid life. Probably more early childhood trauma than most of us can imagine, and that's just for starters. The last 6+ years as a minor FoFam celebrity. The last 2+ years as Doug's son-surrogate since the last mayoral election camping. And then at Rob's funeral he was overshadowed by Doug Jr's acquisition of Doug Jr Jr as a second surrogate son and political tool of the family.

The story of super predators and a lot of learned helplessness in that clan that will be claimed by Dougie as achievements in his pursuit of his own opportunities for "greatness" and a 'legitimate' male heir to the dynasty.

More Grimm than Shakespeare.
I do understand keeping social media accounts up when someone dies. Someone my sister knew died and his Facebook account wasn't deactivated. Also, I had a friend on there who died of cancer and I still get the birthday notifications.
Again, lots of serious things going on and they miss the mark. Being a spectacle and solving serious problems, especially with other people, are not the same things; however, superficial is a word that comes to mind.
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This whole episode reminds me of Pappy O'Daniel.

what are you saying to/about him on Twitter? what did the people who got blocked say?

It's a badge of honor to be blocked on twitter by the FoFam accounts, really it is mostly done by association and how critical you are. If you contradicted any statements they made it would almost guarantee you a Twitter block. Now I was also blocked by several of the Conservative cabinet members including Harper. Took a bit of doing but so much fun :)

Conservatives and the Ford Family seem to have such tender toes when caught in lies and contradictions.
Dieter is still posting:

Dieter A Kiklas Kathy ford abused herion while she was pregnant with Mike Ford Stripe. Mike was born with some problems.
Mikes father is a convicted murderer, and is now serving time for slicing a woman's gut open to the point of her guts spilling out. Mike ford lived with his mother when rob was there abusing crack cocaine.
Mikes father was just transfered to beaver creek prison. Doug ford wanted no conection to Mikes murdering father so they removed the Stripe last name .

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