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Perhaps Toronto troubadour Mike Ford could be persuaded/drafted to make a run in W2. At least it would be a 'Bob Roberts' kinda thing and the rubes up there might learn something.
I wonder if Dougie will be co-councilor, it's what Robbie would have wanted. :)
So much for being more presidential...

ddale8 7:52pm via Twitter Web Client
Trump says he doesn't understand how you can harm the ozone by spraying hairspray in your OWN APARTMENT.

Yeah, about that...

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I think its great of Mikey to take on holding up the name of Etobicoke's first family in the by-election so that Doug can dedicate himself full-time to "Trumping" the federal and/or provincial Cons. Mikey can honestly declare his love for the "poorly educated" if it helps. Remember, Mike's got his one semester course diploma in Leadership to fall back on.

Anyone know if Mikey's back living with Granny?
Doug will also do all of Mikey's media. The Ford spokestrumpet.

Would the family let Mikey handle his own affairs at City Hall? They generally let him do the trustee thing on his own.

It's deja vu all over again...

Daniel Dale can't escape it!
The benchmark set by his family? Hopefully not drunk and hitting anyone with Big Mac and Fries.

Now, now.... Mikey has lost 100 lbs and has been minding his health.
Expect to be decked with a fistful of lentils and kale. :p
The way Mark Towhey writes about how Rob returned every call, makes it sound as if it is was another of his compulsive behavioural issues. If things weren't going well, he'd pick up his phone list—day or night—and "dial for love." Add to that the fact Rob had almost super-human (and drug fuelled) stamina, and I fear Mikey is settling himself up for a fall.

Even Rob had to lay a great deal of groundwork before he became this mythical creature that returned ever call. Mikey would be better off trying to build his own reputation than live off the second hand fumes of someone else's.

Also he likely has behavioural issues of his own . . . and a dicky heart.

But at least I think Mike knows how to use email, so maybe that will speed things up.
Re the trustee byelection, barring a Ford, I've also been speculating on whether Neil Flagg wants to give it another kick in the can. (Now, *that'd* be one to watch)
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