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Boy, it's been a pleasure not to see or hear anything Ford related these days. I guess Dougie is at the cottage or in Chicago. I'm surprised he hasn't been interviewed about the drama happening at The Rebel. His buddy Joe Warmington broke the story of Faith Goldy being fired yesterday.
This staff turnover in the White House reminds me of when people like Towhey and Kouvalis quit or were fired.

In terms of Joe breaking the news of Goldy's firing, he literally stuck up for her doing a podcast linked to The Daily Stormer!

Doug Ford advocating cuts to the library system is why our immigration minister ran for office.
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Who's going to Ford Fest? Doug just said he'll announce either another run for mayor or MPP. Sounds like he's leaning towards a run for mayor. Should be fun!
Who's going to Ford Fest? Doug just said he'll announce either another run for mayor or MPP. Sounds like he's leaning towards a run for mayor. Should be fun!
Must be MPP. He has no path to victory for mayor unless a strong moderate left wing candidate splits the vote.
Nick Kouvalis said on Twitter that he heard the PC's told Ford to take a hike - so it's almost certain he's running for mayor
And we can run this video again

I still don't buy the mayoral run - looks more like a provincial play in Etobicoke North. Also don't trust what Kouvalis or Doug says.

Here are all of the 2018 ridings where DoFo pulled >50% of the vote in the mayoral race:

2018 Provincial Riding : 2014 City Wards : Provincial Incumbent : Party : Margin : 2018 PC Candidate
Etobicoke North : 1,2 : Qaadri : Liberal : 0.449 : NONE
Humber River Black Creek : 7 : Sergio : Liberal : 0.467 : Musarat
York Centre : 8,9 : Kwinter : Liberal : 0.472 : Baber
York South-Weston : 11,12 : Albanese : Liberal : 0.479 : NONE
Scarborough Centre : 37,38 : Duguid : Liberal : 0.549 : Surma
Scarborough Agincourt : 39 : Wong : Liberal : 0.497 : Babikian
Scarborough North : 41 : Cho : PCPO : 0.386 : Cho?
Scarborough Rouge Park : 42 : Cho : PCPO : 0.386 : Thanigasalam

Assuming Cho runs again, the only open ridings are Etobicoke North and York South-Weston. The Tories came third in YSW in 2014, and the riding association seems to be just a fencepost. In EN the Tories finished second and the riding association president is a Rob Ford supporter. Therefore, the only real option for Doug is EN.

Now, you have to ask why the timing of Doug's appearance. It's either to:
  1. push the Tories into letting him run in EN by demonstrating his popularity
  2. the Tories are about to nominate someone else in EN and he wants to get in front of the story
  3. he truly thinks he can win the mayoral race,
  4. he wants to run for mayor and this is to keep Keesmat out of the press, or
  5. he's a publicity-seeking sociopath and won't run for anything
Of these the most likely are 1 and 5. Given the uphill battle for mayor / time and effort to run municipally vs. provincially / ability to "whip the vote" of Etobicoke PCs I'd say his most likely option is 1.
My favourite part? He'll have the best team ever. Of course he will. Although doesn't Trump have the best team ever? It's so confusing.
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