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    Intercity Bus Services

    I'm sure Saskatchewan's road funding remains intact. Let those lousy bus riders hitch a ride instead. Typical thinking from 'wingers.
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    Intercity Bus Services

    Thanks for bringing up Ride Norfolk and Deseronto Transit; we had thought about those, as well as the "Rural partner routes" contracted with OC Transpo in Eastern Ontario. The problem with some of those operators is the extreme infrequency, at least in the case of Ride Norfolk and OC Transpo...
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    Intercity Bus Services

    Appreciate it! Hoping to spark some major interest in this issue.
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    Intercity Bus Services

    I'm pleased to announce to everyone that we've finally completed a "final" product of the bus map! As well, since researching and thinking about the big picture of intercity transit in Ontario lead us to bigger and bigger questions, we decided to start a long term blog project. You can see the...
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    Intercity Bus Services

    Once my map is more complete, I'll be going full bore in contacting journalists who have written on bus cuts in the past, we really do need to get a movement going.
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    Intercity Bus Services

    For me, it was always shocking how uncoordinated and infrequent our intercity transit "system" is in Ontario. One reply mentioned the Espacebus website from Quebec, which is sort of what I was hoping to see happen here in Ontario and why my colleague and I are making this map! As an aside, I...
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    Intercity Bus Services

    I've been involved with transit advocacy for some time in Toronto, as well as being a daily transit rider (I do not, and most likely never will, own a vehicle). One thing that mystifies me is the lack of a map of intercity bus service in Ontario; produced either by the provincial government or a...
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    New Niagara Regional Transit buses; first step towards proper unified transit?

    I'd like to see DMU's in Niagara Region too, but interregional buses are a good start. I only hope that the respective governments don't simply rest on their laurels and let the system stagnate. St Catharines also needs to boost it's local service in order to allow transit to grow to a...
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    New Niagara Regional Transit buses; first step towards proper unified transit?

    I've used the system last weekend, found it relatively easy to understand, and the transfer to local transit was quite useful. A few issues though, the lack of a connection to Brock really hinders possible uses. (My girlfriend and I were happy to walk to regional HQ to pick up the bus, but most...
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    Rail: Ontario-Quebec High Speed Rail Study

    Now here is the problem. Why can't we do what Amtrak does with the Acela Express. Acela provides the HSR service to Boston, Providence, NYC etc, and the Northeast Regional train still connects these destinations to the smaller communities. A bus twice a day does not replace rail service, those...
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    New Niagara Regional Transit buses; first step towards proper unified transit? Regional transit system hits the road Monday By Jeff Bolichowski, Standard Staff Updated 1 month ago Niagara Region's first inter-municipal bus service is ready to roll out Monday. The Niagara Region Transit pilot...
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    Towards a Conservative Urbanism?

    Of course, there is nothing ideologically stopping conservatives from supporting urbanism, especially as the suburban culture is unsustainable. (This has been touched on). The problem is that in North America the party systems have worked out so that the 'progressive' spectrum is heavily centred...
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    Distillery District

    Mill st beer is great, eaons better than watery generic crap like Canadian. I agree the food is crap
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    Mississauga 2010 Election

    George Winter seems like a good candidate. Then again, I live in Toronto so its a bit of an outsiders opinion