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I like many Liberals, but I really can't stand the stale hacks like Judy "they love him for his blackface" Sgro, and I don't understand why they parachuted a plutocrat like Bill "Cufflinks" Morneau in a downtown riding with a concentration of poverty and social issues. If I lived in some of the neighbouring ridings, I'd probably like my Liberal MP. Not here.
I liked Adam Vaughan when he was my city councillor, not so much when he was my MP ?
Jesus christ.



That didn't work out for the CPC.

Election laws need to be updated to deal with these fake news stories, severe life threatening fines or jail time would be nice.
Also, maybe add a provision that your party and it's candidates wont appear on the ballot unless you actually release a platform.
Vaughan actually sent out material "fighting for Toronto" quoting money promised for various initiatives, of course he failed to mention his deafening silence about Toronto's councilor reduction, at the behest of Toronto-hating Trudeau. When Vaughan had his movie night on The Esplanade in the summer he had his volunteers come out a few hours before and spruce the place up, paint touch ups on the lamp posts and collecting garbage, all bedecked out in fetching pro-Adam tshirts. Colin must be rolling over in his grave.
I suspect that analogy is that straight men acting Gay is similar to white man dressing as black.

Yeah, sure, if they were limp-wristedly mincing about like some 60s homosexual stereotype.

In which case, might as well have Andrew Scheer dressing up as a young Wayne Newton and singing "Danke Schoen". (Or Bernier's supporters would go all out and boast the support of Milo.)
Of note:
From Childcare to Transit, Canadian Voters Are Feeling Pinched
By Shelly Hagan and Erik Hertzberg
October 4, 2019, 5:00 AM EDT
  • Trudeau and his rivals roll out pledges to alleviate stress
  • Affordability and rising debt loads dominate campaign
Lol what polls are you guys smoking

CBC poll tracker says this election is tied in seat count...

Bloc and ndp are surging and with that Trudeau chance of a majority are collapsing.

Pretty much its fortress Toronto and montreal and the east coast for the liberals.