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I stop by the site Sat and they are working in the hole now. The pit is dug where the tower crane is going on the east side. Tie back anchor are being install and I though all of them were done last year. As to what was taking place on the east side of the sales office, it all done and all equipment is gone. There is a huge mounds of dirt or underground material there now and it was not there when this construction tool place. Could see the crane by the end of June or sooner.
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Does anyone know if urbancorp released the next phase of the development or at least when they will release it?
Urbancorp Review

I currently live in the Bridge by Urbancorp and just wanted to warn any future buyers about the appalling conditions of this 'Throw-Away' building which seems like it has been put together like a piece of cheap IKEA furniture, minus the illusion of any contemporary design (yes it’s ugly too). Unless you plan on buying and selling your unit faster than a bombardier share you better do your research, because this building is already falling apart. The builder has selected the absolute cheapest material for everything in this building. The walls were only painted with a single coat of paint, leaving the beautiful construction measuring marks and labels showing through the paint, some designs bigger than 3 sq.ft showing through the paint. The elevators malfunction on a daily basis and they clearly haven’t gone with a reliable name here, we basically operate on a single elevator every day, waiting anywhere from 5-15 minutes for an elevator. The boiler for the building is absolutely undersized, leaving your maximum hot temperature of hot water in the shower to that in between temperature where you need to turn off the fan to avoid goose bumps. That is, when the boiler is actually working, we have periods of up to 72 hours where ZERO hot water can be found in the building. That’s right, no showers, and don’t expect your dishwasher to produce clean dishes. Fixtures are falling off the walls, the elevator buttons only have 1 of the 2 screws in them, the light fixtures in the elevators and hallways are missing light bulbs everywhere.

I haven’t even touched on the unit yet! The cabinets are all misaligned, there is caulking in the strangest of places, most notably in the middle of tiles. The light switches are wired backwards making the fan the first button you always hit when you go into your bathroom. The ‘hardwood’ floors have many sinkholes and the edges are separating already. I’ve found forming stuck in the concrete on the patio. Why would Urbancorp bother to remove it anyways?

I could go on but it’s not worth my time. I’m utterly thankful I am renting, this is has opened my eyes to how important the reputation of the builder is when purchasing a unit. If you want the cheapest made condominium you can find, you are in the right place, the bridge welcomes you and waits for your to throw your money away. Investors – stick to the stock market. Home buyers – stay away! Renters - well feel blessed we are only forced to sign 1 year leases.

On the plus side, the area is awesome, can't complain one bit here.
wow, thats horrible! glad to hear you are only renting and can move on when your lease is up... I guess the developer is too busy working on their next scam to pay attention to complaints from suckers they've already hooked.
That's unfortunate to hear. When they complete the final project, Kingsclub, that area will be quite spectacular. First Capital is also going to be turning Lamport stadium into a nice park. The area will have it all.

Hopefully they shape up and do better with Fuzion and Kingsclub. The finishes seem to be progressively better with each new project.
CDiebel's story is so sad. It really affects my purchase at Kingsclub. I have bad experience at Festival tower before. So I am very caring about the builder's reputation. Any photos can be shared? Really want to see how bad
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Dont know whats going on, but a couple hundred feet of hoarding going up just west of Fuzion on King street west, in front of the City of Toronto Garbage Recycling facility that already looks partialy vacant..... im assuming a future condo/retail proposal